The AMMS-GRP system is the result of many years’ experience in the field of the installation and maintenance of Visual Aid Infrastructures for Airports. It’s a system with architecture based in the cloud. The system is scalable in terms of the number of assets to be traced or tablets. It is also possible to have a work station to analyse the maintenance reports.


Tablets are multi-purpose portable devices that allow the AGL maintenance technicians to interact with the system: 3G/4G connectivity for real time synchronisation. Each user receives the actions of other users in real time.


There is an RFID reader to identify each piece of equipment: lights, base boxes, signs, regulators, etc., bluetooth interface for the torque tool, to register the different torques. 2D/3D bar code reader for data input. The AMMS system is ready to be integrated into any CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System). Specifically, we have real integration experience with MAXIMO, which gives the AGL technicians a simple interface to report events in MAXIMO in real time. The AMMS-GRP system generates Work Orders when a fault/defect is found in the field, at the same time as showing new Work Orders generated as a result of preventive maintenance.


The fusion of the AMMS-GRP with the individual light control and monitoring technology (ILMS-GRP) increases security in maintenance operations on beacons and allows exhaustive monitoring of the maintenance history.


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