Constant Current Regulator

CCR – GRP is a family of Constant Current Regulators for AGL with a sine wave output thanks to its power module based on IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) technology.


Pure sine wave means that the output wave has a very low harmonic distortion (THD).


The IGBTs are controlled by the most modern ARM cortex M4 core microprocessor technology allowing an ultra fast response time, which is particularly important in circuits with non-linear loads such as LED Lights, Signs and circuits with Individual Light Control and Monitoring Systems (ILCMS).


There are two models depending on the power supply network:
Three-phase: allows a perfect load balance, with a fully balanced installation → Model 3F CCR – GRP.


Two phase: allows direct substitution of existing regulators based on thyristors → Model 2F CCR – GRP.


Smart Airfield incorporates:
CCR – GRP can integrate the very latest PowerLine Communications technology (PLC) into the primary cable, of GRP’s Individual Light Control and Monitoring System (ILMS-GRP). In this case, the Regulator would incorporate the CU (Control Unit) and the FLT (Filter), which are the key components of the System at the circuit level. In this way, the AGL Control System (SMP/CMS) will control or monitor both the Regulators (CCR) and lights through the series interface (Ethernet or RS485).


Any light you should wish to control or monitor individually must also be equipped with an LU (Lamp Unit). Please see the “ILMS-GRP” Catalogue for more information.


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Automatic Cut-Out:

The SCSA-GRP system is an automatic cut-out system that checks and verifies the effective grounding connection of the series circuit, giving the AGL technicians a clear safety indication when they have to perform maintenance work with these circuits.


The SCSA-GRP system operates in Local or Remote mode. It has two positions:


CCR: The Regulator output is connected to the AGL series circuit.
GROUND: The Regulator output is short-circuited and the series circuit is connected to the ground and short-circuited.


The unsafe situation indication is given using the words “CCR” or “GROUND” in Red. On the other hand, when “GROUND” appears in green, it is safe to handle the series circuit.


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