Individual light control and monitoring

We have developed state-of-the-art technology to reliably and robustly communicate through the primary cable using PowerLine Communication technology (PLC), so that you can know the status of your airfield in a fraction of a second. This avoids the need for a dedicated and independent communications network: the primary cable is the backbone of your airfield.


The most important features of this technology are:


  • Regardless of whether or not the cable is shielded, you do not need to replace it.
  • The primary cable can be up to 15km long without repeaters. Longer circuits may be analysed.
  • There is no minimum earthing insulation value required for the primary cable.
  • – Several frequency channels available that can work simultaneously on every field module (LU-LUD-LUMB).
  • – Response times required by ICAO are fully guaranteed in a reliable way, allowing a high number of lights in the same circuit.
  • Measurement of power, current and voltage in each light.
  • Monitoring even when light is switched off by the LUs.
  • Compatibility with any LED technology applied to the lights.


This technology has a series of features that make it unique and cutting-edge. The cable does not need replacing, regardless of whether or not it is shielded, there is no minimum insulation value required and there are no repeaters.



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CMS, Control and Monitoring System

Our CMS is based on Windows technology and is scalable and multi-device. It is designed from the point of view of individual light control to maximise the benefits of our PowerLine Communications technology.
Intelligence is distributed among the servers to reach every controlled and monitored element via ethernet: simplicity and reliability.
The equipment is controlled using terminal servers or with PLCs, depending on the client’s requirements.

The Smart Airfield: the Primary Cable is the Backbone

Every second on an airfield, lots of things are happening at the same time. GRP works to detect, know about and act on everything that happens and matters. There are situations that are directly related to the aeronautical ground lighting systems and some others that are not necessarily, but that happen in the proximity of an AGL primary cable and matter: aircraft detection, checking of nuts and bolts, preventing and detecting foreign objects debris (FODs), signs located where they are needed without falling, controlling of open or flooded pits, measuring of wind speed with anemometers, measuring of the ground temperature, etc. In short, we build a whole backbone from a single cable, all in order to control and maintain the safety of the airfield.



We will tell you the current, voltage and power of your lights using our LUs or LUDs.



The LUMB is revolutionising airfields thanks to its multiple possibilities for interconnection to sensors, several types available: digital (4 input and 4 output), analogical (4-20mA) or bus series (RS485). Additionally, it supplies power to the sensors (up to 24Vdc-10W) to simplify your airfield.



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